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Where Automotive, Energy, Supply Chain, and Sustainability Tech go to grow.

          Europe connects leading corporations and startups to unlock endless innovation and growth opportunities across Europe.


Think Pink

Are you an MVP+ startup with the drive and potential to bring cutting-edge technologies to market and shape the future?

Is your corporation an industry leader ready to integrate the newest tech and change the game? 

Are you keen to share your unique knowledge and gain exclusive access to the most promising startups?

Grand Automotive is a European distributor of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and spare parts, as well as an operator of retail sites for the sale and service of vehicles.

They provide mobility services, automotive financing options, automotive insurance, used car sales through its regional used car company in the region and an array of additional services.

Hit the road with our partners,

led by Grand Automotive LLP.

״ QEurope gives us unprecedented access to the very best of automotive and energy technology from around the world. We are proud to be their launchpad in the EU.
Exciting times lie ahead as startups emerge empowered from the QStartups program, poised to disrupt their target markets. The value entrepreneurs receive is truly priceless; in addition to the content and access to our dedicated PoC workshop, we also pair them with our senior managers to develop long-term plans aimed at full-scale business collaboration."

-Thomas A. Schmid, COO,
Grand Automotive LLP

Former Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe Former COO & General Manager BMW COO & General Manager BMW at Delta Motor

Former Volkswagen AG board member for marketing, sales and after- sales, and a global leader in the private vehicle sector. 

"In the dynamic landscape of the global automotive industry, where paradigm shifts and breakthroughs abound, leading corporations must continuously innovate to maintain relevance.

As a mentor at QEurope, I have the opportunity to leverage my years of OEM experience to support startups, actively engaging in their growth journey. It's truly exhilarating to play a pivotal role in forging commercial partnerships that pave the way for entirely new industry segments.

Furthermore, being a mentor grants me exclusive access to the most promising startups, further enriching my professional network and insights into emerging trends.”

- Christian Klingler, QMentor 

Your         for Success awaits in shades of pink!


Q Europe is launching in May 2024.

Apply now to be part of the revolution.



Q Europe is launching in May 2024.

Apply now to be part of the revolution.

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